Tridium Niagara User Training in Germany!

We offer training and education up to the Niagara 4 TCP- certificate individually.

In addition to technical basics, you will deal intensively with practical experience. In the seminar you will work with current equipment and systems. You will learn to understand the NIAGARA Framework fundamentally and to use it safely. For this we offer you two possibilities. The completion of the Niagara 4 Technical Certification Programm (TCP) Training ends with the official Tridium TCP certificate. For your successful participation in individual trainings and user trainings you will receive a certificate of completion "NIAGARA User Training".

Your trainer is Sergej Vizgalov, Software Development - IoT Solutions employee and certified Niagara Developer. In 2017, he completed his Bachelor of Science degree as part of a dual degree program in Computer Science and has been working for ProSystems GmbH since then.

Mr. Vizgalov is the German- and English-speaking future certified trainer for the Niagara basic course "Technical Certification Program" (TCP). At OAS he conducts the Tridium certified TCP standard training as well as the Niagara user training. OAS Open AutomationSystems GmbH uses the Niagara Framework and Tridium products, so you can look forward to a hands-on course with us.

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Dates are published here on our website and can be arranged individually if required and requested.

  • Dates 2023

    Dates 2023

    Dates are published here on our site and can be arranged individually if needed and demanded.

    Niagara 4 Technical Certification Program (TCP) (German)

    Date:  06.02. – 10.02.2023
    Location: Sinsheim
    Date: 12.06. – 16.06.2023
    Location: Sinsheim
    Date: 16.10. – 20.10.2023
    Location: Sinsheim

    Niagara 4 Technical Certification Program (TCP) (English)

    Date: Dates will follow shortly.



    • Individual training offer

      Individual training offer

      There are no official dates published yet or you would like to receive an individual training offer from us?

      Then contact us now with the following information and we will make you an individual offer with reference to your training request.

      • Number of training participants
      • Language (German/English)
      • Possible training dates
      • Training location

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    Niagara 4 Technical Certification Programm (TCP) Training

    Our official, five-day, English language Niagara 4 training covers all aspects of the Niagara Framework®. Participants will participate in exercises, demonstrations and a series of practical step-by-step workshops using the Tridium JACE® 8000 and the Niagara 4 Workbench Engineering Tool & Supervisor. The final day will consist of a practical exam where participants will be tested on all aspects of the Tridium Niagara 4 framework covered by the course. The Niagara 4 Technical Certification Program is designed for both system integrators and BMS engineers.

    Candidates who successfully complete the Niagara 4 Technical Certification Program will receive an official Tridium certificate demonstrating a good, solid foundation of expertise required to efficiently design, build and program projects using Niagara 4.

    Niagara User Training

    The training is the ideal introduction to the world of the Niagara Framework. The goal is to provide participants with a basic level of technical knowledge required to effectively and efficiently operate the Niagara 4 building automation system of their existing building and to make minor modifications to it. With the participation in our individual trainings and user trainings you will receive the certificate "Niagara User Training". Target group: Plant owners, operators, managers, system integrators & sales, OEMs, distributors and business partners.

    Important information

    • Course contents

      Course contents

      • Introduction: Overview Niagara Workbench
      • Creating a new station
      • Basic components
      • Tagging
      • Driver 1 + 2: Modbus, BACnet
      • Alarm monitoring
      • Histories/trends/progress data
      • Components in kitControl
      • Thermostat, lead lag and PID component
      • Time programs/scheduler
      • Reusable logic: palettes and templates, He provide templates, station templates
      • Hierarchies
      • Commissioning of a JACE
      • User interface for end users (graphics): Basics + plant graphics, PxInclude, dashboards
      • Navigation file
      • Categories, roles and users
      • Web supervisor
      • tips and tricks

    • Methods


      The seminar includes lectures, live presentations and practical exercises.

    • Target group

      Target group

      operators, system integrators, MSR technicians, installers

    • Certificates


      • The completion of the TCP training ends with the official Tridium Niagara 4 TCP certificate.
      • For your successful participation in individual trainings and user trainings you will receive a certificate of completion "NIAGARA User Training".
    • COVID-19 protection measures

      COVID-19 protection measures

      Current information: COVID-19
      We are closely monitoring the situation surrounding the spread of the coronavirus and follow the latest measures and recommendations of the authorities and leading institutions.

      Protective measures in our training courses

      • In each training group there is a maximum of 10 participants, whose names are listed. The participants in the groups are stable (no switching or jumping to other courses). For each training, a note is made of which persons were present. 
      • There must be a distance of 1.50 m between the participants in the training room. If this is not ensured, e.g. when leaving or entering the room, a mouth/nose protection must be worn. Participants are also required to wear a mouth/nose protection in the entrance area.
      • The restroom is to be used by individuals only. Disinfectants for hands and surfaces are available.
      • During the training session, windows will be opened for ventilation. Participants are asked to bring warm clothing, if possible, so that no one has to freeze during the increased ventilation of the room.
      • Members of the group with flu-like symptoms, fever and/or cough will not be allowed to participate. Also, members who have had contact with Covid19 infected individuals in the last 14 days are not allowed to attend.Cough and sneeze etiquette (in the crook of the arm) must be followed.
      • Participants are required to bring their own masks and remain in the area of their assigned workstation during training.
      • OAS staff and the training manager will ensure that all measures are observed.

      Further, the following Corona information/guidelines apply to the training period:

      • Vaccinated: second vaccination must have been given more than two weeks ago / please bring vaccination card.
      • Recovered: positive PCR test must be 28 days ago, but no more than 6 months / proof required
      • Tested: daily negative test (maximum 24 hours old) from an official test center or service provider (with certificate).

      For a longer stay, a new negative test must be submitted every 72 hours.

    More information can be found in our Niagara User Training brochure.


    The impressions of the TCP trainings at OAS: