–  the unlimited cloud automation solution

OAS WEBvisuPORTAL is the unlimited cloud automation solution, at one or more providers / data centers, for all applications and programs in our product range.


– automation as a service


Portal software and hosting from a single source offer extensive advantages

With our portal solution, you no longer need your own server or server structure on site. The time-consuming and cost-intensive care and maintenance of your own server is therefore no longer necessary and is taken over by an OAS data center as a service. System failures and data loss of important information are a thing of the past.


  • no investment in new server hardware/infrastructure/software systems is required
  • Your system is always up to date
  • Risk minimization in the area of personnel provision

Service and Management

  • Your requirements in the area of 7*24 h operation are thus realizable
  • we offer managed services up to application management around the clock
  • Adaptations and scaling of existing and new IT requirements of customer systems are easy to realize

Requirements and certification

  • the data center is part of the critical infrastructures and therefore TÜV tested and classified as highly available, level 3 (tekPlus) and ISO 27001 certified
  • from firewall operation incl. VPN tunnel up to managed rack solutions
  • time- and cost-intensive TÜV and ISO certifications are no longer necessary


Ease of use with visual feedback

The display optimized for web browsers or touch surfaces is possible with graphic elements, which are built up as dynamic HTML documents by WEBvisu server. Overviews of sites with green areas and streets provide orientation when searching for specific buildings. We also have a wealth of experience in the visualization of entire facilities. Via a web browser, access to all plant statuses, parameters and error messages is possible with a high degree of operating convenience. Authorized personnel can quickly and safely perform all configurations and settings and intervene if necessary.

to 3D Modelling


System structure OAS WEBvisuPortal Hosting


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